About Kelly

Kelly Binday

Every founder has a story that inspired them to launch their business. I know from firsthand experience that unique brands and services like yours are why I launched Integrated Marketing Management.

In 200I…
a major personal health crisis opened my eyes to the world's perception of "alternative." I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, saw the limitations in big pharma, and immediately gravitated towards a non-toxic lifestyle.

My awareness sent me on a journey to further educate myself about brands and services like yours. Because for me, there is no alternative to wellness (and I see wellness in lots of places, including music and podcasts, to diet and skincare). I saw a better way and never looked back! This firsthand experience of advocating for myself during a health crisis empowered me to pursue what I do best, bridging the gap between brands and services like yours and those seeking a solution to their problem.

Building relationships that gain trust…

is paramount to my business. Your brand deserves support from someone who understands the importance of your mission and who will guide you both skillfully and honestly. Transparency and authenticity are the foundations on which I live my life, lead my business, and interact with my family and friends—and everyone for that matter.

I believe in "living" the brands I represent…

and choose to work with founders that are aligned with my core values. Your products and services make a difference in people's lives and do better for the world. I believe in the same principles; we are kindred spirits, if you will.

Integrated means together…

that’s why I named my business Integrated Marketing Management. Together, we identify your emerging and brand's needs. Together we amplify your voice (your WHY)! Together we create, support and position your brand to stand out.


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